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Charitable Concerns

Real World Writing Education

My training as a writer consists also of:

  • How to write for non-profit organizations to help them spread their passion.
  • How to write for the fundraising market while sensitive to the special needs of donors.
  • How to write for the distinctive needs of Christian/Messianic ministries.
  • If you're a non-profit, we need to talk.


I entered the world of written business marketing because the materials financial companies produced would bore you to sleep. I found I loved the challenge of transforming complex or boring subjects into appealing reading. In that quest I devoured  lessons from the masters of direct response marketing through the American Writers and Artists Institute. So I wrote to generate leads for my own financial business. Real world training.

I focus on how to write direct response copy with the goal of getting results - regardless the media used.

A 20 year veteran of direct financial sales. Served as an Executive V.P. of an Inc.500 insurance/securities firm. Later ran the investment program for a major Florida credit union as a Registered Securities Principal. But I couldn't keep myself from rewriting the marketing materials, so I decided it was time to switch careers.

Copy Writing


Direct Response

 Lead Generation

George Austin