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Even if Your Product Can Bring Health, Wealth, and Happiness to All of Planet Earth, Your Marketing Will Get Deleted or Dumped in the Trash
Within Five Seconds, Unless It Comes Infused with the Powerful Psychological Triggers Known to Magnetically Entice Prospects
to Read Your Offer. 

That's why I specialize in sales and lead generation.

  • Sales letters that sell
  • Emails that get opened
  • Landing pages that get the click
  • White papers, Case Studies, Presentations, Ads, Brochures, Content

You need a salesman on your side, contact me now.

B2B- Just the Facts?

B2B marketing must be more direct. Yet while these buyers act strictly business, their decisions often rest on subtle personal issues. Tone down the appeal of emotion, but don't turn it off.

Social Media?

The Web is Different.

Poised with a finger on the mouse button, the prospect can be gone in a blink. Your story has to grab attention, yet not be 'salesy'.  To keep them engaged  give them what they want or they'll find someone who will.

Is social media the 'Holy Grail' of marketing? Granted it serves an important role. Yet savvy marketers know it's a new  California Gold Rush. The riches didn't flow to the miners, but to those who supplied the miners.

"You really are a pro in what you do...the materials and ideas that you have provided for

Digitec have made it easier for us to...close the sale in a non-obtrusive way. The materials

are well thought out, honest, and to the point, with no false hype or deceptive claims. We like that!"  Tom Robbins, owner of Digitec Office Solutions

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 Lead Generation